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Pool for Bumper Boats

For children to enjoy themselves you need a pool or a pond in order to use the bumper boats. You can build this attraction using a small lake or an embedded or walled swimming pool. Sela Cars also produce portable swimming pools that don’t need any construction work.

vasca bumper boats

The correct water level for a bumper boat is 50/60 cm. The panels for the pools can be easily adapted to any required dimension.
We advise you build rectangular shaped pools to allow easy boat retrieval at the end of the ride.

Standard dimension advised for the pool are:
Pool size 12 x 6 mt. for 6/7 Bumper Boat
Pool size 16 x 8 mt. for 8/10 Bumper Boat
Pool size 20 x 10 mt. for 10/14 Bumper Boat

On request we can supply dierent sized pools.

The POOL it’s built using galvanized panels 70 cm high and 200 cm wide.
Assembling the pool is easy, just connect all the panels of the required size and fasten a PVC tarpaulin inside.
Aluminium footboards are assembled around the pool to allow easy access to the boats for children.
Our accessories includes lters, skimmers, water broom and chemical products to keep water always in good hygienic conditions.

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